A new Roller in town

Welcome to Metrocity, a dark metropolis full of thrills, heists, games and rewards. Play casino games, pillage your way through Metrocity districts and accumulate a wealth of rewards in the process.

But stay on the move, or you will be the next target…

How does it work?

Play your favourite games for real money and move forward on the progress map.

* Most slot games power you at high speed, other games speed varies. Check out the bonus terms for more info.

Progress map

As you progress through Metrocity districts, you will trigger looting opportunities – Stings – and unlock level-up rewards on the map.

Coins and rewards await you.


As a Metrocity resident, you get a coins allowance every day, come rain or come shine, and whether you login or play, or not. Stings and levelling up will also get you coins. Once you’ve stashed enough, head over to the shop and exchange them for goodies.

Beware though: Doze off for 5 days or more, and active Highrollers might loot your coins in a Sting when you’re not looking.


Stings happen at regular intervals on the map. Reach one of these to trigger a Sting planning countdown. Once your Sting is ready, head over to your rewards area, choose your target, and loot coins away!

Level up

You’ve pillaged your way through the district you’re in, and reached the end of the progress map. Now, boy, get ready for some serious takings:

Spins, Cash, Coins, Freebies…Anything goes!

Once done, sneak your way into the next district, never to look back. Your next playground is home to even more Stings and Rewards.


Cash in your account

Spins @ €0.1 per spin

Super Spins @ €1 per spin

Mega Spins @ €3 per spin.

Coins. Trade them for freebies in the shop

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